31 March 2008


When I made the decision to undertake this trip, it was largely due to the personal desire to take on a challenge and an adventure.

There were several options open to me in terms of the logistics of the trip from cycling with a random partner, cycling with a group on an organised tour or going as part of a supported group with a van to carry all of the equipment and mechanics to fix any problems on the bike.

Since I was looking for a challenge and was reluctant to spend £3,000 - £4,000 on an organised tour, I chose to 'go solo', carrying all of my own equipment, making camp on my own and repairing any problems with the bike as I go.

In working out the costs for such a trip, I started to give some thought to the amount I was spending and realised that it was a bit wasteful to spend a few thousand pounds on a bike, camping equipment, panniers, racks and cool gizmos for the bike without trying at the same time to raise some money for a good cause and hopefully draw attention to a worthy charity

That charity is the National Association of Colitis and Crohn's disease (NACC) which I got to know through the experiences of a number of close friends and family members who have suffered with Crohn's, Colitis and associated illnesses over the years.

So whilst this trip was initially motivated by a personal desire to do the ride, I am also proud to be supporting the NACC along the way and I hope that when you read this page you will be willing to donate a few pounds, dollars or yen to help a worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Good charity to choose Andy. My sister has Crohn's and I wish I could do something on this scale to help!

Anonymous said...

Andy - how do we give? Stan