9 April 2008


As I mentioned in my last post, there are a number of ways you can do this kind of trip. I have chosen to go "unsupported" and so I have to carry all my own kit for 2 months. With 4 days to go, I have almost everything I need save for a pillow, a knife and some needle-nose pliers.

There are two main ways to carry all of your gear - panniers or in a trailer. Rucksacks aren't really an option as your back would kill even more than it already does on long rides. I opted for panniers and at the recommendation of my step-sister went for the best of breed - Arkel Panniers - 2X GT54's and 2X T28's. In addition I am using a waterproof duffel bag style thing on the back rack to hold my sleeping bag, tent and groundsheet. The GT54's have a funky tube attachment which you can use for sleeping mats, tent poles and anything long and pokey.

Which fully loaded looks like

So in total I have:

Powerlinks for the chain, 2x Spare Inner Tubes, Set of Tire Levers, Brake Cable & Gear Cable, Park Multi-Tool, Chain Oil, 2x Puncture Repair Kits, Large Allen Key, Tire Patch, Chain Tool, Spoke Key, Pump, 6 spokes, Swiss Army Knife.

4x Pannier Rain Covers, Mini Towel, Waterproof Trousers (cut down into shorts), Waterproof Over-Shoes, Waterproof Jacket (still waiting for it to arrive).

2 Shirts, 2 Light Trousers, 1 Pair of Shorts, 5 Pairs of Boxer Shorts, 5 Pairs of Socks.

3 Pairs of Shorts, 4 Short Sleeved Tops, 1 Long Sleeved Top, 4 Funky Nike Pro Sport undershirt type things, Cut-off Riding Mitts.

Full length lycra trousers, Fleece, Woollen Hat, Thick Gloves.

Swimming Shorts, Maps, Water Bottles, Helmet, Groundsheet, Tent, Pegs, Sleeping Mat, Tent Poles, Tent, Flip Flops, Sleeping Bag, Inflatable Pillow, Iodine Water Purifier.

Cannondale Touring Classic 2008

So I still need to get a knife/tin opener/pliers combo tool, a pillow, and a really lightweight towel and everything is set.


Anonymous said...

I would say that you are overloading on clothes... 5 pair/pieces/sets???? of underwear?
I usually take 3: one I am wearing, one that is clean and dry and one that is drying from the wash the night before. Also all that "civilian" clothes you are going to find to be pretty much useless -- when one does the TransAm you find you spend all your time in the grubby's you ride around in. Oh well by the time you read this you will probably be on the road. I wish you well and will follow your progress. I live on the west side of Portland Oregon if you need anything in the future.

Andy said...

Thanks for the tip. Will probably cut down the off-bike clothing to one pair of trousers and one pair of shorts. Not too worried about the socks as can use some as bike rags, same with the boxers.
Luckily all my clothes are cheap so I can ditch some if they are getting in the way on the road.
Cheers, Andy