20 April 2008

More Mountains

Signal is really poor up in the hills so just a quick update on two fun packed days of pedalling uphill slowly.

Saturday wasn't too bad to start with with a relatively flat first 40 miles i.e like British hills! The second half was little more than a series of big climbs and I think I had tears of frustration in my eyes to accompany the swearing from my mouth as I reached the top of a killer hill only to find another at the top. It can be pretty soul destroying but at least this range of mountains are nearly done.

Today I rode til dark, putting in some solid mileage. There was an abundance of what can only be termed 'critters' on the road. In England we don't really have a term for assorted animals and roadkill so critters will have to do. I saw dead snakes, squirrels and some kind of raccoon thing and manages to avoid riding on any guts! Drivers were a nuisance today with lots of them speeding past without pulling very far out so that you get sucked in my their tailwind type thing.

Dogs cropped up again today and one tried to eat me at high speed, not having spotted my can of HALT which was ready in my map case. I got him in the face and he stumbled away to the side of the road. I just hope he doesn't send word to his pals in Kentucky...

The weather was turning today as you can see from the snap and I got caught in some light showers towards the middle of the day. Good milage though and a satisfying day apart from the stench of cows as I knocked off the last 5-10 miles this evening.

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