16 April 2008

Day Two

Was up at half six this morning and out of the church by half seven just a few minutes behind Tom. I failed to catch up with him though as within 5 miles i took another wrong turn which sent me off in the opposite direction. With the help of a kind chap called Stan, who pulled over on seeing a puzzled looking cyclist, I got my bearings and headed back on track having added 10 miles to my journey. I didn't have time for sight seeing today apart from the inside of a Burger King at lunch, and so just took in the sights as I rode.

Virginia looks like a sunny version of Surrey with endless fields and forests which are stunning to ride past. They also seem to be formerly owned by the great and good of US history - Stonewall Jackson and John Tyler owned most of the land I saw today.

Mid morning I had my first 'dog attack'. I have been warned to expect these in Kentucky and have bought some HALT pepper spray but I wasn't prepared for this fella today. I was cycling past some nice enough houses with long driveways when this fat looking dog came running out and it took a couple of seconds to twig what his game was! I pedalled furiously with him about a metre away from my heels and I thank God it was a downhill slope! The pepper spray is on my handlebars now...

After some clever route changes I made it to the small former mining town of Mineral for half five and put my tent up in the back garden of the local volunteer fire station where I also got showered which was much needed!

Also I have very red legs and forearms from sunburn in 27 degree heat and have do find some sunscreen as a matter of urgency tomorrow.

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