16 April 2008


Rear Tire in the Atlantic
This should have been posted yesterday but for some reason it has vanished so an abridged version will have to suffice.

Yorktown Monument
Yorktown Monument
Yorktown Monument
So....I spent Monday in Yorktown getting my bike back together after the battering it took on the flight and then set off on Tuesday morning.

Road to Williamsburg
I rode to Williamsburg first, a historical model town where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson lived, and it was full of oldy worldy houses and carts etc. Quick period of getting lost for about six miles before 30 miles of plantations including Sherwood Forest and then my destination for the day, Glendale.

I was kindly given a roof over my head by The Willis United Methodist Church, along with another TransAm rider called Tom from New Jersey who is retired.

Despite my efforts to convince Tom to play tummy sticks before bed, he wasn't game so I fell asleep by 9pm suitably exhausted.

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