21 April 2008

Road to Damascus

It was a nice start to the day with 20 relatively flat miles in cool morning mist. Everything was spoiled by a little hill called Mt Rogers which killed all the way up and was littered with stones and bumps on the way down. These hills don't even have the satisfaction of a visible peak, just endless switchbacks which prevent you from getting any momentum or steady cadence.

Damascus is a small town in western Virginia which I had planned to go to in order to get my bike looked at by the local bike shop folk as my gears have been playing up. Before I set off this morning I had a go myself and with the help of some pliers seemed to get them straightened out so all Damascus was good for was water which was much needed after the climb up Iron Mountain which drained me on the way in.

Weather was crappy today - rainy then humid and then sunny! It makes it hard to plan clothing although the stops to change were appreciated. Short day planned for tomorrow!

Sorry if the last few days have been a bit dull - I am just trying to get past these mountains and get some mileage in the bank so that I can take my time on the more interesting parts with more to see apart from bloody hills.

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