13 April 2008


Well the journey has started in so far as I have left England and I have got as far as Boston Logan international airport where I have a 9 hour stop over.

Arriving at about 11pm (4am GMT) means that there is nothing open apart from Dunkin' Donuts and I have to carry my bags around until check-in opens in 6 hours so no sleep for me.

My biggest concern at the moment is getting my bike to Virginia in one piece - you can see it all packed up on the trolley in the photo but it just doesn't feel too secure when handed over to the baggage handlers or 'chuckers' for 3 separate flights (London to Boston, Boston to Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to Newport News VA).

So with any luck I will fight the urge to fall asleep here and get safely to Virginia with all of my worryingly heavy equipment in one piece.


Anonymous said...

Andy- I hope your layover was not too painful.
Best of luck for your epic!
Chris (the guy sat next to you on the plane)

Anonymous said...

Andy, have a good trip. Perhaps we'll finally make that coffee when you get back :)