11 May 2008

Hot Tub!

Mr Success

We had a late start from Ness City today via a Ralphs Supermarket (the walmart of the west). I fruit loaded and grabbed the most meat packed sarnie I have seen all trip with salami, ham, turkey and cheese.
Historic Bank in Ness City
The ride was among the least eventful of the trip for the most part with long hot stretches and bursts of rain. Chris and I amused ourselves by relinquishing our true identities when meeting local folks (we are bored of the London and Louisville stories). This led to one poor woman trying to explain the concept of tornadoes to two 'russian' cyclists. She used the phrase 'cylindrical vortexes' which wouldn't have helped any real russkies!
Wrong Way?
Childish games aside, we ploughed on towards Scott City where a pool and jacuzzi were waiting for us at a local athletic club / hostel! We got there with some help from a couple of farmers who had been at an agricultural show and once the locals were finished, we plunged straight into pool and then soaked in the hot tub. We had been looking forward to soaking our aching bones for the past few days and for $10 a night for somewhere indoors to sleep it was a bargain.

Chris Caesar
I didn't realise until he had left but the guy who runs this place is one Bill Fry, Republican of the Year 2007! He had some fancy certificates on the table which gave the game away!

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The Rider said...

Pool and jacuzzi. Sounds posh. I'm going to have to add this place to my itinerary. In Lexington, Va tonight with my first day of tough climbs behind me.