3 May 2008


Today was a hard day, probably the hardest since Kentucky. We were heading into the Ozarks, the edge of which I encountered in the last few miles last night.

It was super cold in the morning, packing away a wet tent but I had taken off my extra layers within 5 miles as the hill climbing warmed me up. I made it to Ellington for breakfast ahead of the other guys, ordered my brekkie and then got seconds of porridge once they got there. The next 20 miles were hard going through the Ozark National Scenic Riverways with rollercoaster hills with a definite emphasis on the uphills and took all morning to get through.

A quick lunch stop in Emminence was followed by some map poring as we were told that the road through to our evening destination had partially collapsed after a rain storm so was closed. Faced with a ten mile detour which wasn't sounding nice we thought we would chance the collapsed road. When we got there we had to clamber past some JCBs and over some precarious rubble and civil engineering work but made it through.

A killer hill from Alley Spring which seemed to never end was followed by another ten miles of rollercoasters in light rain and black skies before I crawled into town and got a bargain room for $30 which is simple but has a great big bath which I spent the last hour soaking in.

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