9 May 2008

No zoo :-(

Bad Boy Storm coming in

We stopped into Will's house for breakfast at half seven this morning and he juggled getting us cereal with getting his daughters ready for

The original plan for today was to knock off 20 miles and then
visiting an 'exotic zoo' with zebras, giraffes, llamas and kangaroos!
Every step of the way this morning however we were given warnings about the nasty storms coming in.
Old Western Style Carriage
So when we got to the town by the zoo we decided to sack it off and keep riding since we had a 60 mile stage with no services or shelter ahead and didn't want to get soaked or stranded on a flooded road.
Chap who stopped to chat
$1000 bow and arrow wielded like a pro
The 60 miles were pretty tough going after the last couple of days and the storm clouds overhead were looking ominous. We stopped and chatted to a pickup driver who was going wild turkey shooting with a bow and arrow that I had a play with!
Long grey road
After about 30 miles of dead straight road the clouds faded away and we had a couple of hours of blistering sunshine! This continued all the way to Larned where more storm warnings convinced us to get a motel.
Huge watering machine for corn fields
This proved wise as by teatime the storm rolled in as in the top photo!
Beast of a Storm at Motel
It is interesting looking at the stats for this blog, to see how diverse and dispersed the readership is so far. Readers are coming in from the US, UK, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Chile, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand, Sweden, South Korea, India, Japan, Guatemala, Indonesia, Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bermuda, Norway, Vietnam and Ireland. I suppose that there are a lot of people out there who are interested in doing this kind of trip and I would encourage anyone who has the time and the money to give it a go if they get the chance. It is hard work but great fun!

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Anonymous said...

I'll claim the Brazil hit Andy. Read you blog whilst over there in April. Glad the trip is going well. To be honest, I put it down as a hoax until the first photo with you in it appeared this week! Still not completely convinced though - a photo riding the bike with definite view of USA in the background should prove it once and for all!! All the best.