5 May 2008


After the day of dreams yesterday I had an absolute mare today. Just like a monster in a horror film or Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries, just when you think you have put the hills behind you they return. Don't get me wrong, the arse end of the Ozarks are nothing compared to the Appalachians but the psychological impact of more hills today was horrid after such a nice day yesterday. I have found that any hills can be beaten if you are mentally prepared for them but my mind was geared up for a leisurely day of coasting.

A fierce headwind didn't help matters and so progress was very slow and tiring. After a series of annoying gradients I came to a little town called Walnut Grove but on the steep approach I was greeted by 3 hounds out for blood. No amount of swearing and shouting worked and I knew I was very low on pepper spray so I had to save my best shot. I got the pack leader on my second shot and the rest just have up after my retaliation.

Onwards through Everton where a nice bar let me refill with iced water and I pedalled for seemingly hours to get to Golden City (neither golden nor a city). This was actually a nice stop with a covered area in the city park to camp in, a great diner called Cookys, and a little league baseball match which I watched from the back of a pickup truck with a couple of local guys.

Again, no signal or wifi so have only got around to publishing this afternoon now I have wifi and a phone charger.

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