7 May 2008

Making hay while the sun shines

Chris and I outside the cafe in Toronto

After a good rest and feed in Pittsburg, I was determined to get some solid miles put of the way before I hit the Rockies when I am bound to slow up a bit.
Giant Corn Things
From my hotel I spotted a shortcut between Pittsburg and Girard and so cut a few early miles off the day. I stopped at the side of the road at one point to try and get some signal for my phone, and whilst I was playing around with it a chap came over from the local Immanuel Lutheran Church. He was 'Pastor John' and has lived in the area for 10 years while the church has been around for 125 years which is pretty good going for a church over here. He gave me a quick tour of the church which got me out of the sun and then I headed down the tracks. The road was nice and flat for all of the morning as I went through some quiet back lanes and into Chanute for a Subway-Walmart combo!
A short rest in the shade
Some kind of petrol containers!
Immanuel Lutheran Church
After a quick stop at Cross Timbers State Park to watch some locals fishing and an attack by a swarm of flies that chased me up a slow hill, I made it into Toronto (the 300 person town though).
The sign lied. If I had believed it there would have been a 10 mile detour
Old Country Lane
Railway Tracks
Small Town of Coyville
At the small deli I saw Chris who I left a few days ago back in BenDavis and we caught up while he had lunch. We are planning to tag team for a few days which is cool as Chris is fun and I think we will make good miles together. Coincidentally, it turns out that Chris stayed at Pastor John's church last night as it doubles as a hostel for riders!

Crop burning

Crop Burning (very hot surprisingly)
Arrival at Eureka
We headed another 20 miles or so into the town of Eureka, set the tents up and them decided on Pizza Hut for dinner. Somehow I was talked into a pizza deal whereby we bought 2 12 inch pizzas each. I failed to close the deal and had to quit halfway through the second pizza unlike Chris who miraculously finished his carb feast!
Funky Lion Water Fountain in Eureka Park
Big day of riding ahead tomorrow so we are getting up at half six. One last thing, I saw a great t-shirt the other day which made me laugh. It had the slogan, "Hurting you is the last thing I want to do........(but it's still on the list). Brilliant!

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