21 May 2008

Rest Day in Lander

Yesterday I finished off my shopping, did my washing, grabbed some food and chilled out in the hotel. As the evening wore on I started to feel a bit ropey though, and so I made up my mind to take a day off today. The decision was helped by the interruption of TV programming to tell me about a major storm warning and 60mph winds, and the fact that I could watch the Champions League Final on TV today!
I couldn't sleep in since my body clock is switched to earlies, so I rotted in bed until 9, then went into town and waited for the library to open.
I have no idea..
I have spent a large part of today on the computers in here, uploading some of my photos (basically, a selection of the snaps I have taken with the new camera since Pittsburg on 7th May). I will have to upload the older ones when I am back home with my charger.. I haven't ordered them around text but have just left them on the bottom of each relevant page and you can hover over them with your mouse to get the limited description.

Train in the Park

I headed back to my room to catch the football at lunchtime and grabbed some McDonalds, where I bumped into Carl who had caught up with me having been a day behind. We caught up on the last couple of days which was good since I felt bad when I left him at the edge of Colorado and since I have 2 beds in my room we decided to shack up together.
After a heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat in the football, I have come back to the library to finish the photos off and am hoping to get up early to get 70 miles uphill to Dubois tomorrow. Its gonna be a tough one..

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Anonymous said...

Aw boi,

You dun gone dun a wrong thing talkin bout Jeffrey City like you did. Pa's gonna fire up the wagon and Ma's gonna fire up da stove and we's gonna come find ya and get us sum sweet, sweet british ass, little piggy!