26 April 2008


I don't really like Kentucky. It doesn't help that the Eastern half is incredibly poor and so looks like a cross between a series of ghost towns and a scene from the Beverly Hill Billies.

The riding itself is pretty rough with endless hills but the weather has been turning wet with intermittent showers followed by bursts of sunshine.

The bane of my time here in Kentucky is dogs. For some reason their hick owners don't lock them up or train them to behave and so you constantly have to try and outpace them when they come tearing out at you ferociously!

I have pepper sprayed about 8-10 hounds so far although more often than not they recognise the sight of a wielded spray can and back off. The biggest pack I have been chased by is 5 beasts which scares the hell out of you!
The photo above is of a good dog who came racing after me but just wanted to be my friend and run along beside me. When I got to a hill and slowed down he did the same and stopped to get his breath when I stopped. I felt sorry for him when I went to take his picture as he winced in expectation of being pepper sprayed so he must get it a lot.

Anyway I am camped up in a town park near Hudson KY for the night and we have light rain which isn't fun. Hopefully staying at another fire station tomorrow if I get the miles in - Sundays seem good riding days as the roads are deserted.
As a brief after-thought I was thinking how best to describe the areas I am going through as they are a world away from the big city US that and most people know. Whilst riding today I twigged where these towns reminded me of - Rambo I (First Blood). They are just like that town where Stallone kicks off and having been in Kentucky for a few days I can see why he did!


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your pictures and commentary. I'll be thinking of you while on my ride tomorrow. Thankfully, I don't usually have a problem dogs here in N. California.

Anonymous said...

A little late, but welcome to Kentucky :-) I do live in KY and I can certainly recognize it from your descriptions...not a bike friendly state.

Steve H.