4 May 2008

Day of Dreams

Great day today! Nice weather (nothing spectacular but wasn't too wet or too windy) and perfect terrain for getting some mileage in the bank.

The first 20 miles were comfortable and then hills turned to flat roads and I was averaging 18mph for an hour or so. At Bendavis service station I met a new trans-ammer, Chris from Louisville Kentucky who was taking the route through as far as Colorado then cutting down to San Diego, California. Chris is a philosophy major at the University of Louisville and is heading home for the summer.

Leaving Chris behind I kept up the good pace and soon met another rider, another Bob also from Indiana! Bob was heading on the reverse route that Chris is taking and had a trailer to pull rather than panniers.

Onwards through Hartville and on to my destination for the day, the elegantly named Marshfield. Since I was making good speed and it was still early I decided to plough on to Fair Grove which was another 17 miles.

The journey took no time and I got my tent up at the Fair Grove Historical Society's bit of land which also contains the old mill house pictured above. The trustees had left the bathrooms unlocked for me but I passed on a shower as for some reason the water smelled of gas or rotten eggs (possibly leftover from the recent storms).

I think it is time for a break from my current book explaining the history of the Riemann Hypothesis regarding Prime Numbers as it is heavy going. I have a Harlan Coben novel which looks simple enough so I am off to bed with that although this post won't get published until I get signal or wifi access at some point tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

The gas or rotten egg smell was probably sulfur water...doesn't smell nice, but isn't harmful. In fact, a lot of old-timers believe it cures a lot of illnesses :-)

Steve H.